your heart is aching to transform your audience but...



so many of them aren't taking action or...

Getting the healing they desperately want.

You're ready to bless this world with even more of your goodness...

But what hits you hardest is watching them:

  • Live in fear
  • Stay small & unhappy
  • Not loving themselves 

If only you could get more of them to say yes to themselves + just one of your life-changing programs!

But instead...they wait. And hope....

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I’M HERE TO HELP spiritual leaders ...

Suzanne Berthuy conversion copywriter for spirtual businesses

Hi there, I'm Suzanne a freelance content marketing writer specializing in content that converts for fintech and SaaS companies.

Copy I’ve created for the fintech & SaaS niches is fun and reader-friendly; no more tired, tech-fatigued brains. 

It takes overwhelm-inducing tech platforms and gives your audience bite-sized servings of tasty content that keeps them coming back for your platform’s genius. 

Your readers walk away from the content we create with solutions to their problems and a solid feeling that your system rocks.

Say bye-bye to your competitors through your rearview window. And prepare for the new downloads, subscribers and engaged clients who rave about your products to their colleagues. 

Your readers will turn into raving fans through the content we create and use your mountains of expertise to help them deliver their courses, services, and products without the tech-trauma.

Lets rid your content of jargon that leads to soul-crushing sighs and overwhelm and get them addicted to your non-tech-person-friendly products they can't do their job without.


  • Content marketing

  • Blog posts

  • SEO keyword research and SEO website or blog copy

  • Research-heavy and/or interview-based articles

  • Case Studies

  • White Papers

  • Video and audio transcripts

  • Ultimate Guides and Pillar Posts for websites

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want to turn casual readers into loyal customers?

The kinds that continue to recommend your platform again and again?

I’d love to chat about your project!

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