Are You Too Busy Doing the Wrong Things in Your Small Business?

I know you're too busy. 

Every day, you never seem to have enough time to do all the things you want (and maybe even need to do).  It's stressful. 

It's frustrating. 

And it's weighing you down. 

Sometimes it's hard to get get motivated. Because you feel like you are always doing something. Always working hard to achieve your goals.

Goals you really want. Goals that mean the world to you.

Is Getting Things Done Really So Hard?

We all know there are seasons that are hard. You're an intelligent go getter with serious goals who can do this.

But is it really supposed to be this hard?

You hear other people say the same thing, so maybe that's just how it works. Or is that really true?

But're doing the wrong things. Too many things. 

Maybe this isn't about your big huge scary goal that you are fiercely committed to accomplishing. 

Are You Doing the Right Things to Achieve That Big Scary Goal?

If I told you I was in training to compete in an upcoming marathon, learning competitive ballroom dancing, writing a book, and working on my Masters in Business Administration while working a full time job, you'd sit me down and try to talk me out of it probably.

But I see solopreneur online business owners doing almost the exact same thing (just with different subjects) every day.

Running a Facebook page and a group, creating and scheduling Pinterest pins, making stories and posts for Instagram, writing 4+ blog articles every month, editing all their graphics (for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the blog), starting a Youtube channel (and editing their videos too) and even sometimes thinking about whether or not a podcast is a good idea.

And they're tired and frustrated.

Because they are so busy every day and progress is slow.

What Are the Right Things to Be a Successful Online Business Owner?

If you've got a team of virtual assistants, you can do nearly anything you want (if you're willing to manage a team).

If your team is you, doing all the things will not speed up your success.

Unless you decide to upgrade your coffee with some stronger stimulants (not my recommendation by the way).

Do fewer things and get more done.


And as a member of the Squirrel Club, I understand the challenges here. But I also know what happens when I'm too squirrely (is that even a word?)

Choose 2 or 3 things MAX and focus.

For example, you've got a blog, so writing blog posts is important, right? You could even squeeze in some SEO (search engine optimization) with it especially if you've already mastered blog writing.

Do you want (or need) to upgrade your graphic skills too? Probably not.

OK, Have you already mastered your favorite social media platform? No? OK that's number 2. Nail that one down.

The Secret to Being Productive

The secret to being productive and successful with your online business is NOT adding too many different things.

So think hard before you add another big project to your list.

Only add projects that will give you the results you want now. Like writing blog articles equals more visitors. Pinterest can bring more traffic too. 

If your goal is more website traffic, those are good areas to focus.

Facebook and Instagram don't always bring more traffic to your website. But they do other things. Testing ideas on your target market for example. Building an audience faster than SEO can. Talking with your target market. 

And plenty of other things too.

If you're already got tons of traffic, maybe you're focused on testing new products or improving your conversion rates on your current products. 

And who doesn't love growing their email lists and improving your conversion rates (and sales) through your email list!

Give Yourself Some Grace If...

If you're a beginner, I get it. You may not be sure what works yet.

And you do need some time to get your blog or website business going and learn all the things. 

Start with one or two things please.

Start with writing blog articles (and learning about SEO too). And then pick one social media network that makes sense for you (and the people you want to find).

Accept that your graphics and images will suck at first.

When you're starting out, you kinda have to agree to make lots of mistakes and suck at almost everything (just for a little while).

In fact the more willing you are to make mistakes (like get your tagline completely wrong for example), the faster you'll succeed.

The ONE Thing All Online Businesses Must Do

Is there one thing that all bloggers and online businesses must do to succeed?

With so many different online businesses out there making money, almost every tactic works for someone. 

Consistency is the ONE thing that works the best. 

If you're consistent, you'll learn what works and what doesn't. You'll get there. It's the key to success online.

So pick something that you can do (or like doing). If you like talking, maybe video or podcasting will be your thing.

If you write like the wind, blogging, guest posting, SEO, maybe certain social media platforms will be your wheelhouse.

Or what's the one thing you really like to do (but you still need practice)? We all start somewhere. No one woke up one day a professional writer or Facebook expert.

You will reach that magic moment when you have so many clients that you have no time to do the more routine tasks in your business. 


You're ready to hire someone to handle the everyday marketing and routine tasks in your business.

What Do You Really Want?

Do you really want to keep spinning your wheels staying busy but not moving forward?

How important are your goals? Your long to do list isn't going to get you closer to your goals if you are busy doing all the things all the time.

You'll never master any of them fast enough.

Especially if you're a team of one.

Can you afford to hire someone to help?

Sometimes having someone around to remind you to stay on target (and do some of the important results-oriented busy work in your business) can do wonders for your bottom line.

Look at your situation and decide to focus.

Get some help if your budget allows.

You'll move faster towards your important goals.

I can't wait to hear all about it!

About the Author

Suzanne Berthuy
Content Marketer     


I take a pretty goofy photo, but I write engaging blog posts.

So nevermind the photos and let's talk about how to get more eyeballs on your blog (and give you a freaking break).

Did I hear a Hallelujah? 

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